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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Cheer Times!

Well, the holidays are looming low upon us now, and what better way to stir up that Yuletide cheer than with Robo-Cheer-Bot 1292-C! Robo-Cheer-Bot 1292-C is programmed to be the ultimate in cheery holiday fun providing and maintaining! His exhaust fairly reeks of cinnamon and cloves, and his parts are lubricated with authentic old-fashioned home-style nogs, both egg and otherwise! His voice is an electronic amalgamation of Gene Autry, Jim Nabors, and Doris Day, all culled from the festive lyrics of their most famous Christmas Carol-style songs! (With just a hint of Boris Karloff as "The Grinch!"!)! Robo-Cheer-Bot 1292-C's brain is a highly sophisticated piece of wonderfully advanced jolly equipment, composed utterly from recycled stocking stuffers! His hands are designed completely for unwrapping gifts for the elderly and infirm, and are 73% jingle bell! So go ahead on and grab your mitts over Robo-Cheer-Bot 1292-C, for all your finest holiday seasonal joy!

Available exclusively next summer!


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