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Friday, August 21, 2009

Found on my Computer - ROT

Yes, Rot. As I recall, this was an idea for a magazine or similar type junk. I just uncovered it a couple o weeks ago, and have decided to drag you on a tour of it, using the best of my recollection. First off, we have our logo. Ripped off from Joe Kubert's "Tor", I went the extra mile by not even finishing it. Like, at all. Still, what an O that is. This should give you an inkling of the quality work to follow.

My best guess: Letters page? Well, I hope it's a letters page. I like to think my terrible magazine will be read by birds, who will send us their thoughts and feelings. Also, that guy in the hat.

Clearly a statement on my entire life. Probably some sort of "About the Author" . . .

This idea is "Ideas". The surest sign I'm already running out of ideas.

A man meets a tiny devil. Note that this devil is nowhere near anyone's shoulder. Totally avant garde.

Yeah, I have no clue. Not even a one.

This would most likely seem to be a prediction of any publisher to whom I might take this swell proposition of magazinery.

This one I remember well. It's a cover concept for an early issue. It would seem I was in a particularly sunny mood that day. Who wouldn't buy an upbeat magazine such as this?

I don't know what it was for at the time, but currently reflects my attitude towards "Rot". If you love it, set it free. This is my way of setting it free. I'd really rather it didn't come back to me.

Or it might be something about a bird in the hand fleeing for the bush. Seriously, this was a while ago.

The star of the show! (?)
Maybe? (!)

And that's how it ends. Doubtless a subliminal message from myself indicating that the entire project was never meant to be.

And there you have it! Sure, hey, it's not my most well thought out plan, but . . . well, yeah. It is, in fact, by far my most well thought out plan. Now you know why I'm not in charge of magazines!


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