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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Found on my computer prt 4A - stufnnonsens the First

Stuff and nonsense to be sure! A Flash file, the frames of which would seem to be brief glimpses into an unfurnished mind. Or, perhaps, hindered predictions of the world to follow. I will attempt to decipher the images one at a time. In two stages. Also one at a time.

1. At first glance, this man might seem a monster. Further inspection, though, reveals the arrow points rahter specifically to his mustache. Implying, thereby, that the mustache is the monster. Thereupon, further, appearances fairly dictate, that judging by his expression, he is completely unaware that there is a monster on his face. Moreso, thereafter, he must not even realize that he no longer comes across as cleanly shorn of facial growth, thus potentially quite a devastating turn of events should he attempt to interview for employment positions, wrangle a date from a sightly lass of even virtue, or devour a bowl of affectionate soup.


2. Now that's just sad.

3. A gentleman, presumably named Helfry Strombord, enjoys stars to such a terrific extent that he wholeheartedly approves of even the most ineptly rendered ones he can find. Frankly unappealing.

4. Once, perhaps . . . but no, alas, no longer.

5. Mr. Strenuous Woppings of Dundover Pond Blvd. does dearly love to impersonate the sounds and smells of African wildlifes, as they would come across if they were miniature automata composed of exotic and costly metals. But I wish he wouldn't.


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