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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here for your perusal are some sketches I did way back when first discovering the long-lost Ben Stiller Show, a fine piece of sketch comedy laff-em-uppery. First up, we have Vaughn, who, contrary to some rumour-mongering, is not a robot.

Next, we have Spider, as played by Andy Dick. He's one of the rumour-mongers. Tsk tsk.

Now, if you're wondering why Charles Manson looks a little off-key here, it's actually Bob Odenkirk. He's pretending to be Charles Manson for the purposes of satire. Wonderful!

Last, and maybe least, we have one of Ben Stiller's own characters. I think it's The Annoying Man Who Bothers Celebrities In Restaurants, but don't hold me to that. Also, I haven't the foggiest notion why I wrote "Ancient History" there. If you have any clues as to what the reason may be, please call our Crime-Stopper Hotline! You may just help Solve a Mystery . . .


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